Current HYP Family

Our family is grateful for this opportunity and we can’t thank enough for habitat for putting our family in the application process. 

My name is Kaltun and my husband’s name is Ali and we have three children. My husband and I both emigrated from Somalia to the United States many years ago due to civil war in our county.

We came to the United States to have a better life, and we are so fortunate to be citizens of this country now, to have received advanced education, good jobs, and that our kids will have a better future and not have to experience what we went through when we were back home.

We are even more fortunate and excited now to have been approved to buy a home through Habitat. Only someone who does not have a house might understand better how we feel because when you don’t have something, or you miss something that is when you realize the importance and the value of owning a house or a place that you call home and can provide your kids with a stable life. 

We are so lucky that we get accepted for this program and this is the closest opportunity to allow all our dreams to come true.  We believe that working hard is the best way to succeed in life but sometimes you need a little help or opportunity from others, even just once in your life, in order for your dream come true.  When we heard about Habitat, we never imagined in a million years owning a house, and then we got accepted for the Habitat program, this is the closest opportunity, the one opportunity we hope and need for in our lives, to make our greatest dream for our family to come true.

We see our future is bright, and I as a parent can see how positive our future is, with the opportunities our children have been blessed with by the United States. Every parent desires his children to have the best life possible, and be happy and successful in life. It gives Ali and me such hope and we see a positive future which is picturing our kids playing in the back yard running around digging, playing in the sand, doing art activities together, not having to share one tiny bedroom for all three kids, having the freedom to talk, walking whenever we want and not constantly reminding our children they have to whisper quietly or tiptoe when walking or otherwise playing in the apartment.

Even though we are only in the process and not even close to owning a home, the happiness we feel hoping for our dream of a home to become a reality is unimaginable; even the five-year-old and three-year-old can feel it and you can see their faces how happy they felt when we told about the chance of a house. Our older son is so excited, the first thing he asked was if he can get his own room and  he can’t wait to put his first artwork in his room in the future. Our daughter, who is the three-year-old, loves to dig in the ground or sand and run around outside and can’t wait to have a back yard of her own to play in safely all day, and where no one will mind the mess she makes.

Thank you again for approving our family in the application process and giving us a chance to make our dream of raising our family in a house of own come true.

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